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Safari Keyboard Shortcuts To Switch Tabs

10 Sep 2009

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I am so used to the cmd-1, cmd-2, cmd-3, cmd-9 keyboard shortcuts in Firefox to switch to the first, second, third, and last tabs in a window. Whenever I try to use Safari and I instinctually use these shortcuts, it goes to bookmarks (1, 2, 3, and 9), which is incredibly annoying. Apple provides no way to change this.

With Leopard, I was using Safari Commander, but it stopped working with Snow Leopard. There are hints on twitter that a new version is coming out soon that will work, but it requires Safari to run in 32-bit mode. And Firefox seems to be slower than usual under Snow Leopard.

So the solution? Fastscripts. Thanks to this blog post by Justin Blanton, I now have scripts to switch to tabs one through five and the last tab. I modified his scripts to be for Safari instead of WebKit. They are each one line long, but in case you're too lazy to type them in, here they are for you:

Put them in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Safari then assign them to the correct keys in the Script Shortcuts preferences pane in FastScripts.